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Only the Speakers are Bose, the HEAD UNIT is made by

Go to the nearest full service Audi dealer, with your
serial number and proof of ownership. They should be able
to get you the code off your radio serial number
(or VIN number if the radio has never been replaced)

Good postings on the distributor..


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> Hey again. I'm apparently getting my rash of postings today...
> Is there any way to find the security code for the bose head unit in the
> 91 200? Mine was working when I purchased the car, but a dead battery
> (headlights left on....stupid mistake) caused the code to be cleared.
> Previous owner hasn't been much help, and the tag in the radio owners
> manual has been removed (probably 12 years ago).
> Anyway, if you have any info, I'd appreciate it. Thanks a ton--
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