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Wed Dec 10 12:06:36 EST 2003

Hi Dan,

I just replace the breather hose on my 200q20v by making my own replacement hose.  I used some formed radiator hoses from Autozone, copper fittings, and hose clamps.  I reused the spark arrestor, and things seem to be working well.  I just took the pieces of my old hose behind the counter at Autozone, with their permission and browsed their hose inventory.

I'm going to do the same thing on my 4kstq donor 3B motor as well.  I'll see if I can't get some pics and part numbers together for the record.  It should be easy because the motor is loose on a cradle.

One of the radiator hoses I got has a taper that goes almost exactly from the size of the breather port on the block to the smaller diameter of the next section of hose.  The hoses were cheap too at like $5 each or so, with two of them required.

I did have to reuse the end of the old hose because I didn't have the right size replacement, but I have since located a piece of hose that I intend to replace that end with.  There are three diameters in my creation.  My creation!  Wierd science! =)  I was just reminded of that song.



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Since this was just mentioned, my 91 200tq breather hose also has a hole
in it where it has rubbed on the coolant line for some time. Scott and
Rod said they weren't able to get only item. However, when
I've called a few dealers, they can't seem to find the part on the
computer at all.

Anyone know the part# for the breather hose?

Also, there was some talk about repairing the hose. I haven't found any
write-up's on this though. Any BTDT?

Dan Cordon
Mechanical Engineer - Engine Research Facility
University of Idaho

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