oil warning light

Joshua C smuckycat at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 10 13:38:54 EST 2003

twice in the last week I have had the oil can light up in the display along 
with the pleasent beeping.  My oil pressure readings seem to behave as it 
did previously, both times, I stoped the car and checked the oil..both time 
still plenty of it in there.  I recently had my oil changed and wonder if 
something could be amiss due to this.  I used the same oil as usual and 
always provide my own Mahle filters.  I looked around and didn't see any 
apperent leaks around filter etc.. ( I didn't expect to find any after a 
full reading on the dipstick.)  Could this be a bad sensor?  Both times car 
was warmed up, one on the highway at 70 mph and the other on backroads doing 
about 20 mph.


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