Bose System Power Relay Location

Ingo Rautenberg IRautenberg at
Sat Dec 13 15:53:42 EST 2003

I'm stuck.  Before I start yanking the Bose wiring out of the doors, I'd like to find out where the Power Relay for the amps is.  Before I disconnected the battery on mom's 90 V8 I tested the door wiring to the Bose speakers with and without radio and found I'm getting 12.4 volts.  No snipping wires willy-nillie for me thank you....Documentation in the v8 manual and Bentley for both the v8 and the 200 is sketchy to me.  Any BTDT's appreciated.  Would like to have the upgraded Stereo, amps and speakers installed tonight if possible.


'91 200q20v...Slightly modified
'84 Urquattro
'91 v8q 5-speed w/ lots of mods :-)

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