Bose System Power Relay Location

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Re: Bose System Power Relay LocationThanks, Dave.

Yep, it would appear that the red with yellow (or orange) stripe wire is the positive power wire that supplies all the Bose amps.  Tomorrow I'll be snipping away (yeah!) and finally doing the install.
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  Good detective work.  I don't see anything like that in the diagram.  You've got the right idea-when it comes to wiring, the diagram is a good place to start.


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  No need.  Yes, I'd found it in the meantime and found something else that is interesting (thanks for pointing out where it is in the manual, Dave).  After removing the relay and hooking up the voltmeter, it would still show 11.5+ volts (even with battery disconnected).  So I knew there had to be a capacitor somewhere -- and there is (was):  The free area of the Distribution adaptors at the bottom of the footwell auxiliary relay housing.  No mention in ETKA of the part number (not known), but it's a choke (PN# 443 903 547 A) with attached capacitor that is attached to a red three-prong plug and has three wires going to it:  Red w/orange stripe, red w/ black stripe and brown.  If I plugged in a Bose speaker amp, it would drain the capacitor.  If not, the capacitor would hold it's charge.  As to whether the capacitor is used for anything else, I don't know.  If I'm reading the unit correctly, it's rated at 12 A (max 20 A / 2min).  Wonder if it's also use din the 200...


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    Ingo wrote:


    See Bentley for the 200 on page 91.23  It talks about Speaker Relay, J225

    with a drawing that shows (apparently) the general area this Relay should be

    (at least for the 200).  Besides the thorough wire wrapping job, everything

    is tucked in soo close  I feel I really have to tear apart much of the sound

    deadening material, unscrew numerous brackets, etc.

    This appears to be entirely skipped in the V8 Audi shop manual (at least the

    1990 version).


    Speaker Relay J225 is 19 on Auxiliary Relay Box II, red relay socket.  See manual page 97-60-2.  Aux relays (right footwell) are shown on page 97-40-1.  This relay is also listed on Service Pub. 89-1 V-8 Main Wiring Diagram, page 2 of 82 (was in my bound manual).  The relay is on current tracks 753 and 754.  I haven't gone down to the garage to verify the manual, though.

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