Fuel draining and leaky gas tanks

Joshua C smuckycat at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 14 23:22:20 EST 2003

Lately I have noticed a gas smell sometimes outside my car but couldn't find 
the leak but was sure it was a hose...but I discovered a small rust spot 
that was seeping...I have pumped out most of the gas with a hand pump but I 
having a problem getting the last amount, 4 gallons I am estimating (based 
on what I had and what has been removed).  When i put the hose in it seems 
to catch on possibly the sending unit so I can't get to the bottom of the 
tank?  Does any one have an idea to get in the tank better, access though 
the fuel pump?
Also I would really like to repair the leak by cleaning the surface (brass 
hand brushes), and using an epoxy putty as opposed to pulling the tank and 
replacing or coating the inside...primarly due to the time and money factor, 
anyone with some experience doing this who can comment on the 

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