200q20v Digest, Vol 2, Issue 16

Paul Luevano paul at clarity.net
Sun Dec 14 23:35:05 EST 2003

From: Bernie Benz <b.benz at charter.net>
> > From: Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net>
> >
> >> Now, any suggestions on reducing HC's at idle?  I've been told that there 
> >> is a potentiometer in the MAF sensor that controls the idle mixture.
> >> Anyone know about it and how to adjust it?
> >
> > No such beast.
> It exists on the NA cars, the 7A w Hatachi ECU, not on the Bosch Motronic
> 3Bs.

Well, played around a little yesterday.  First installed the Hakka 1's I just
picked up, and then played around trying to figure out my emissions a bit.  Did
locate this little guy:


But have no idea what it does.  Checked out the O2 sensor.  Hooked up, engine
hot and running, signal would float between .3 and .7 ohms.  Unplugged it would
hang out right around .03 ohms.  With the O2 sensor unplugged, would get a
reading of .454 ohms from the computer.  That I can't figure out.

Also, watching the O2 sensor, turning that little pot on the MAF would have no
effect on the reading, floated between .3 and .7.


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