Euro's again

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Mon Dec 15 10:50:45 EST 2003

FW: Euro's againThanks to all that replied with tips on how to get the H4's
out. That drivers side is a bit hard to reach into. All I could find locally
was a pair of 9003 55w/60 to replace the 55w/100's that came out. Major
difference on the high beams with only 60w vs 100w. I'll have to seach
online for a set of decent bulbs and use these as future spares.

Do these H4/9003 have a shorter life span than 9004/9007? I ran a set of
9007's in my other 200q for close to 7 yrs and my wife's chev with 9007's
has never lost a bulb in over 10 yrs.

mike miller

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