RS2 ?'s

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Mon Dec 15 11:47:04 EST 2003

Hey guys-
...just been thinking recently...and I'm sure this topic has been discussed a few times..but I'm looking for performance comparisons between a stock motor with K24, chipped ~"stage III" (~20 psi boost, 2.5 bar PT) and the same motor with RS2 EM, RS2 turbo, and applicable software.  Where (rpm) does boost come in strong on the RS2 set up, where does it fall off?  Is there more "punch" or is it more linear?  I'm not looking to do a full-on RS2 package, i.e. MAF, injectors etc etc, nor am I looking for comparisons from full blown RS2 modded motors.  Just contemplating EM, turbo and software.

FWIW, the car is an it will weigh a few hundred pounds less than a 200.


'84 urq 20V

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