CD changer was: Bose questions...

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Mon Dec 15 14:26:45 EST 2003

The trick to add CD to a stock radio is to buy a "store" CD changer that has 
a FM modulator.  That plays a CD onto a 88.7 frequency etc...  Then you tune 
your stereo to that or another choice to hear the CD.
This involves removing the antenna line from the radio and plug it into the 
CD modulator which then gets plugged into the Gamma head unit.
~$200 tops. DIY too.

"Store" means audio/radio, Best Buy, Circuit city, Crutchfield and the like.
Aiwa, Sony, JVC, Kenwood, Panasonic:  Whatever you like.  I've found older 
Kenwoods had two color scheme's I could change to match the Red Audi lighting.
-Scott by BOSTON.

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> Since there has been a string of Bose questions, I thought I may try mine. 
> Our 20v avant has the Audi Gamma tape deck in it. I NEED a CD player. How 
> hard is it to wire in a regular CD player into the Bose mess, without changing 
> out all of the speakers. I am assuming that this system has the Bose amplified 
> speakers if not that should make it easy. Any info on this would be really 
> appreciated.

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