rs2 stuff

Jon Archibald urquattro at
Mon Dec 15 22:46:49 EST 2003

I think I published a rant on this about 3 months ago, but I have a 3b with RS2 EM, turbo, MAF, IA 3+ chip in my urq. Compared to the k24 s-cars I've driven, spool up is definitely slower, but rather then a "strong nudge" which hits about 2.1k in the k24's, the RS2 has more of a "sustained thrust" fell which hits at about 3.5k. And whereas the k24 "falls off" high boost at about 4k, the RS2 will hold upwards of 20psig till around 5.5k or so by my measurements, probably better with a boost controller (which I plan to install soon). As I've ranted before, a properly intercooled 3b with RS2 turbo and EM is great bang for the buck. If you are keeping your intake temps below 100F and still arent satisfied, then check out the RS2 injectors, IM, cams, etc. 
My $.02

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