RS2 ?'s

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Dec 16 16:22:46 EST 2003

At 8:23 PM +0000 12/16/03, Mihnea Cotet wrote:

>WRT efficiency (for Brett), it is not all a matter of boost levels 
>or intake air temperatures but rather a matter of air flow supplied 
>by the turbo. Let's say we want to run a stock turbo with 2.3 Bar 
>absolute boost at 6k RPM in order to get close to 300 HP, just 
>because 2 Bar makes between 270 and 280, the result, even with extra 
>intercooler sprayers or whatever to keep the intake temps low, will 
>only be overspinning the turbo and possibly ripping the shaft apart.

The original question was "what will a III+ w/RS2 manifold and RS2 
turbo get me".

My reply was that you'll get more power because the RS2, being more 
efficient at higher boost, will produce a cooler charge under similar 

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