eurolight connectors

CL Wong montesawong at
Tue Dec 16 19:27:49 EST 2003

>Holders are : 447972957

I don't have my parts invoice handy, but if this is
the same thing I received recently to re-do my euro
light wiring (I built my own wiring harness the first
time and this time used a wiring harness from I'd have to say you could do without
the connector-holders.

My connector-holders were small rectangular boxes with
4 compartments for the spade connectors.  

There's supposed to be a small lid on either side to
lock the spade connectors in place once you've
inserted them into the connector-holder but the hinge
on the lids are flimsy plastic that were broken or
even missing upon delivery.  I had the same problem
with the first set I received 4+ years ago.

In my opinion the holders are meant to isolate the 4
connectors (which are pretty close together).  If you
just buy the rubber boots it will look OEM so there
are no worries.. just use heat shrink tubing for

just my 2 cents.


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