Water pump question

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Mine leaked for about a month before dying, fortunately I was standing
right next to the car when it did.  You should be careful because if the
pump pulley disintegrates like mine did your belt can jump some and on
an interference engine like the 3b that can be $$$

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You're in for teh long haul my friend.  No easy way to do the WP or even
see the darn thing.
The timing belt and water pump should always be replaced together along
with the idler pulley.
For a first timer I would budget a weekend (15 hours?)
Of course I am a bit anal and like to clean everything real good.
Somene with experience could probably do it in 4-5 hours.
I prefer to take everything out of the way too.
There are some good tips in the tb procedure at www.20v.org (who wrote
that great procedure anyway??)
www.thepartsconnection.com for parts.  Should cost about $50-$70 in
Good luck,
Dave K.
(2) 7A 20v timing belts to my credit...
> Is it possible to get to the water pump without taking too much apart?
I'm not 
> sure if mine is starting to leak and would like to get a good look at
it before 
> taking the whole front end apart. 
> If it is leaking how much time does one need to bugdet to replace it,
and a 
> timing belt (while you are in there)?
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