eurolight connectors

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Correct, but I think the connectors are:
N 017 851 4

Plus you need the ratcheting or compound action / double crimp type,
crimping tool to attach them professionally.  The tool simultaneously
crimps the larger part over the insulation and smaller part over the
wire only.  Just like the factory.

I bought mine about $55.00 at an electronics supply.  I think it is a
Paladin.  Yes I over paid.  Probably $28.00 or so.  Also check out


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Got mine from the dealer as well:
Holders are : 447972957
Rubber boots: 447941189
Spade connectors x8 N-0170851-4

Brian Link

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I would like to get the OEM connectors that interface with the european
headlights for a type 44.  Are there any sources for these in the U.S.?
Would the dealer be able to get them?  Anyone got any part numbers for

Right now I have standard female blade connectors plugged into the four



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