More new ADZ transmissions available from Germany

Ned Ritchie Q at
Sat Dec 20 20:45:18 EST 2003

If you use a v8 subframe and newer 01E V8 transmission mounts then cut
the mounts in half and reweld them back together offset to move the
transmission relative to the bellhousing you can install the 01E and
have your 6 speed.

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That's an easy one.  It can't be done. 

If you want a six speed you will need to step up to an 01E type 
transmission (ur S4/S6/S2/RS2, S4 2.7T, A6 2.7T, etc.).  This would be a

major job on a 200q. 

FWIW, you already have overdrive.


Steve Scalmanini wrote:

>Does anyone know someone who can take one of these stock trasmissions
>add a 6th/overdrive gear to it? 
>... there are some more new ADZ (4:11 FD, TORSEN, 200q 20V specific) 
>transmissions available in Germany.   ...
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