It's a Gusher!!

Tom Werner noonan67 at
Sat Dec 20 21:31:01 EST 2003

Hey Guys,

I changed the front pads today on my 91 200q and stomped on the brake pedal 
a few times to set the pads.

On the third stomp, the pedal went to the floor.  "This probably isn't 
good," thinks I.  It wasn't.  Turns out the rusty brake line running from 
the Brake Pressure Regulator to the distributor for rear break line split 
when I tried to set the pads.  From what I can see, the line in question is 
191 661 994 L, Free Length 900 mm.

I Need to replace that line (the others in the area look fine) and was 
wondering what my options are.  FLAPS?  Seems that most of their lines come 
in set lengths (30in or 40 in).  I would need to bend to match, and would 
have some excess line.  What to do with this excess line?  Do I try a 
DEALER?  Can they supply exact pre-bent part?  For a price, I am sure.  Bulk 
line?  What about fittings and flaring tool?  Online sources?  Any 
advantages over FLAPS for this?

Any input would be most helpful.


Tom Werner

'91 200q (now with non-leaky gas tank and very leaky brake lines)
88 80q (with new, special dark instrument cluster -- must investigate)
92 VW Cabriolet, the parts store queen


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