Hydraulic problems- rack return line?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Dec 21 20:06:42 EST 2003

I haven't taken the return line off the rack, but I've done the supply, and
the two bolt heads are close enough I'd expect to use the same approach and
experience the same difficulties:  I used a long extension and a swivel
socket.  Visualize through the passenger side wheelwell but operate the
ratchet in the space between the engine and the passenger fender.  A helper
to guide the socket onto the bolt also helps.   For me, with short, thick
arms, I had to remove the reservoir and undo the fuel line anchor on the
firewall, as well as "stress" slightly the brake lines from MC to ABS box,
to get a hand in on for reinstalling the bolt.  I didn't hear about the
string starting system to get the bolt engaging the threads in the rack
housing until afterward, but I'd be trying that one out.  

Are you sure it isn't the return line leaking at the reservoir?  That's
pretty common.  

At 07:31 PM 12/21/2003 -0500, TM wrote:
>Anyone experience leakage from the rack return line to the
>I have a mysterious hydraulic leak- car is loosing hydraulic oil
>but not from anywhere obvious and not anything high-pressure-
>witnessed the aftermath of my high pressure pump to rack line
>going and know that this is not the case here.
>I had leakage from the pump return line that I replaced, looks
>like the return line from the rack is leaking now?!?
>Any idea how difficult it is to access the rack return line
>at the rack end? Looks like a major PITA w/o a lift and
>experience doing the job.
>leaky Audi
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