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Mon Dec 22 15:55:13 EST 2003

IIRC, when I ordered accessory belts for the 1991 200q 20v Avant from
either Rod or SJM, I was told to go look at the power steering belt on the
car because there was a possibility that it required one of two different

I just checked my personal archives and I did not save any information
about that, so I cannot confirm which sizes were possible.

I do know that once when I bought belts for the 1989 200q 10v Avant, the
belt I got was either too long or too short and I had to exchange it for a
different size.  At that time it seemed strange because the listing in the
application guide was wrong. Now I wonder if the 1989 also could have one
of two different belt lengths.

Curiosity got the best of me. I just called Rod and he confirmed that both
a 992 and 960 length are listed for the 200's and 5000's.

So, there it is. The power steering belt is either a 992 or 960 length.

His advice - if what you took off was working, then get the same size. If
you took off a belt that was too long or short (unlikely), get the other

Eric Kissell
1991 200q 20v Avant, Koni Sports (yellow), eBay Surprise
1989 200q 10v Avant, Boge Turbogas, 1.8 Bar (qlcc)
1986 5000cstq Sedan, Bilsteins, 1.8 Bar (SJM)

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