Euro Light Gremlins

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Sat Dec 27 00:09:52 EST 2003

Euro light have been installed (relayed) for the whole 7+ months I have
owned the vehicle. No problems  (except both headlihgt bulbs went out in the
past month - not at the same time). Until tonight. I just happened to be in
a place inside the house that I could see the car. I had been home maybe 15
minutes. I catch a light in the driveway - huh?? It's my drivers side
headlight coming on. No city light -no high beam. Just the headlight. Stays
on maybe 15 seconds and goes out. Stays off for maybe a minute and comes
back on for 35 seconds. Off for about 90 secs and then back on for over 5
mins. Now the passenger side headlight does the same thing - both lights are
on then one goes out - take you pick - they alternated. I get in the car
turn the igniiton on and turn on the headlights - both come on. Both high
beans work. Turn the headlights off and the drivers side remains on for a
minute then goes out. Great - then it comes back on, goes off and the
passenger side comes on.  Enough description - it just repeats at varied
intervals. Only thing that might remotely contribute to the mystery is that
I replaced both  headlight bulbs with 9003's a week or so ago but I have not
seen this behaviour - I would think that as much as the lights are one
 observed over 30 mins or so) that the battery would be flat overnight. (55w
= 4+amps per bulb x 12 hrs = close to 100 amps - even at 1/2 on I dont think
a standard battery would survive and I have seen no slow cranking in the

Anyone got any ideas?

Seems to me that with the headlight switch off there should be no power to
the headlights unless one of the relays is intermittently turning on and
providing power.

mike miller
helmville mt

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