Catalytic Converters

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In the USA after market catalytic converters only need to handle 75% of
pollution because of the expected age of the car.  If it fails in the
first 10 years there is the Federal law so the dealer would have to
replace them no matter how many miles.  So after market ones are always
smaller for the specific car!

Therefore if you a performance nut ANY aftermarket non performance cat
FOR any SPECIFIC CAR will cause a degradation in performance.

Ned Ritchie 

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Having just failed the Cal smog test (after new O2 sensor, etc.)
and at 260,000 miles, the old girl obviously needs new cats. A
local muffler shop has quoted $440 for new aftermarket "heavy
duty" cats, installed. And, it would be pointless to call the
dealer. The archives are not giving up related info. Anybody
dealt with this cat issue successfully??????????
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