Euro Light Gremlins

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Sun Dec 28 18:02:49 EST 2003

Sounds to me like your relays are coroded and shorting.  Hope your fuses are 
up to it.

outDate: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 22:11:46 -0700
From: Mike Miller <>

I had been home maybe 15
minutes. I catch a light in the driveway - huh?? It's my drivers side
headlight coming on. No city light -no high beam. Just the headlight. Stays
on maybe 15 seconds and goes out. Stays off for maybe a minute and comes
back on for 35 seconds. Off for about 90 secs and then back on for over 5
mins. Now the passenger side headlight does the same thing - both lights are
on then one goes out - take you pick - they alternated. I get in the car
turn the igniiton on and turn on the headlights - both come on. Both high
beans work. Turn the headlights off and the drivers side remains on for a
minute then goes out. Great - then it comes back on, goes off and the
passenger side comes on.

Anyone got any ideas?

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