Euro Light Gremlins

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Woah!  I'm confused.  I thought the 9003's were just a stricter (less
variance) version of the H4 and that aside from no higher wattage versions
as available on the H4's, they were interchangeable.  As a matter of fact,
take a look at this...

I know the connectors on a sealed beam bulb are not the same as when hooking
up an H4.  So you're saying the ground/ high beam and low beam locations are
different in a 9003 vs. H4?

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> You need to get the 9003 bulbs out of there.  Typically, the ground post
> located where a hot is on the euro lights.  I'm betting you are getting
> feedback that is tripping the relay.  Put in the right bulbs and I'll bet
> problem goes away.
> HTH,
> Dave (the previous owner of the failing lights!)
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