Catalytic Converters

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Gutted cats on a clean running Audi should pass an idle test, but after that
all bets are off.  Once they starting running the car on a dyno, it will
fail without cats, especially if they are testing for NO.  BTDT in CT.



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Well, new cats will help, but I would suggest that a well tuned 20v should
not need cats to pass emissions. I don't know how much stricter California
is than Florida ( it had emissions testing until 3 or 4 years ago), but I
can assure you that catless cats did not prevent a certain black avant from
passing Florida emissions with flying colors (not betting into the cat vs.
no cat for pollution debate here). So while new, and bigger (as Ned points
out) cats should help, you may still have other problems. 
91 200qa (here, kitty, kitty...)

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