How to clean top of gas tank and fuel pump replacement

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Dec 29 11:22:25 EST 2003

At 8:01 AM -0800 12/29/03, Wolff wrote:
>How does one release the retainer ring on the pump? Any other tricks 
>I need to know to change the pump?

That is one of the most-frequently discussed procedures on this list. 
I guess since the list archives are lost, it won't do any good to 
refer you there. :(
I assume your question pertains to releasing the pump itself and not 
the retaining ring on the access cover. Well, have you looked at 
Chris Miller's web site? He has some detailed writeups there. There's 
a special pump-release tool (2084?) that makes the job pretty easy; 
although some people have no trouble doing it by hand--without the 
tool. Read the writeup on Chris's site, and go from there.


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