Fault codes

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Dec 30 10:18:45 EST 2003

At 1:44 PM +0000 12/30/03, Mike Del Tergo wrote:
>I have been trying to track a poor fuel economy problem and came up 
>with fault codes for theintake manifold temp sensor and 1111 code 
>for no/low voltage to the ECU. Best source for Temp sensor?  No go 
>at Rod or SJM for the moment.  Also, symptom for fault #1111 is no 
>Car starts and runs "fine", but code will not erase, any ideas? 
>recently changed the battery, but did it on bot 200s and no codes on 
>the other.

If you haven't already looked under the IM temp sensor's rubber boot, 
then do so in order to verify that there are good electrical 
connections. I believe the factory connectors are welded/crimped, but 
if there's been a previous effort to fix or replace the sensor, you 
might find a badly soldered connection (that's what I found on one of 
my cars--but even worse, there was a stray strand of wire shorting 
across the sensor terminals).


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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