Euro Light Gremlins

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> I know the connectors on a sealed beam bulb are not the same as when 
> hooking
> up an H4.  So you're saying the ground/ high beam and low beam locations are
> different in a 9003 vs. H4?

That's what I believe to be true.  Unfortunately, I don't have an 9003 to 
experiment with.  This would also explain decreased performance.  You can ground 
any terminal of the 3, add hot to the other 2 (one at a time), and still get 
light.  However, you can only ground 1 of the terminals, and get full 
brightness out of each of the 2 other posts.  I believe the ground is different on the 
9003, resulting in feedback to his relays.

Mike, let us know if the problem goes away when you change bulbs.
Dave in CO

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