Door Seal Anti Freeze Solutions...

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Wed Dec 31 06:13:47 EST 2003

I've used ArmorAll sprayed onto a cloth and wiped onto the seals on both
the door frame and the door.   

At 08:38 PM 12/30/2003 -0800, the Spaeth's wrote:
>Does anyone have any good tips/tricks for treating the door seals that will 
>keep them from freezing shut. We have a 20V avant and when we take it up
>and get back to the car I can barely get the rear hatch seal to let go. I am 
>afraid I am going to tear the seal. The obvious treatments like Son of a Gun
>don't seem to work. I thought of maybe trying Vaseline but I don't want to 
>damage the seals in any way. I would really like to hear any good things to 
>the Gorge
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