Pentosin Leak?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed Dec 31 14:19:57 EST 2003

At 11:13 AM -0700 12/31/03, andy wrote:
>I am getting some leaking from the system. It appears to be coming 
>from the hoses at the bottom of the reservoir. Is the rear the 
>dreaded PITA I've read about? Is the front a simple (cheap?) fix? It 
>does not appear that the reservoir is cracked but I have not 
>inspected the nipples for either hose.

The front hose (i.e., the hose going back to the PS pump) is simple 
to fix or replace, relatively speaking.  This one can leak around the 
nipple in spite of using a new or retightened clamp. If so, it is 
sometimes helpful to cut off a little of the old hose (about 1/2"  to 
3/4") inch) in order to be able to apply the clamp at a "fresh" 
section --where the rubber is, well, a little more rubbery.  If it 
still leaks, then a new (or rebuilt) hose is the solution.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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