Hey! New lister Needs your Eyes and ears!

Mike mmlk23 at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 31 22:27:08 EST 2003

Hi Gents,
            I jumped over here from the V8 list.  I could use your help
for a project I am trying to get off the ground.  My V8 slushbox is
showing signs of giving up.  I need to find a 200 TQ 5-speed donor car
for a 5-speed conversion and other parts.  So if you have or know
someone who has a abandon project, wrecked, forgotten or otherwise
non-running 200 TQ 5-speed they need to get rid of,  E-mail me please.
I prefer one that is rust free (or close to it).  I am in the Atlanta
area.  Closer you are to the south east the better. That said, I will
not turn down a good example 200 that's far away.  
Happy New Year!
90 V8q
87.5 Coupe
91 100 FWD

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