cheater crank locking tool

Huw Powell audi at
Tue Dec 23 17:13:51 EST 2003

> I got a pic of the cheapskate but crank-preserving method of crank 
> bolt removal, using a pry bar.
> Pic:

Nice photo, quite amusing.  Whose is it?  It should be nominated for the 

> AW post:
> I don't think I want to use this method for bolt tightening, but I 
> may try it.  Maybe if I find a helmet to wear or something, or lay a 
> towel over the pry bar.  It wasn't too bad taking it out, altho' I 
> did need some leverage.

Yes, it looks a bit scary to me.  If, and *when*, that pry bar pops 
loose and flies away, skulls could get turned into archaeological 

Huw Powell

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