[s-cars] RE: Catalytic Converters

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 30 13:33:18 EST 2003

Quit wondering already.  I did get a CEL when I put
this exhaust on the Evo (3" turboback, no cat,
magnaflow muffler), but I quickly solved that by
pulling the bulb out of the instrument cluster,
problem solved.  


I datalog ignition timing and intake air temp so often
via laptop, that I'm clearing codes every few days, so
it doesn't make a difference to me either way.  I just
don't wanna see that ugly orange light.


--- TM <t44tq at mindspring.com> wrote:
> One nice thing about pre-OBDII cars- no freaking O2
> sensor
> in the cat housing.
> Taka
> wondering how Pizzo will fool the ECU on the Evo
> :-)
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> On my RS2'd '94, I failed tailpipe sniffing last
> year
> sans cat, but I got a sticker anyway cause I was
> owed
> a favor.  :-P
> Swapping out the pipe is no big deal, but we were
> just
> lazy that day.
> Joe

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