K24 Turbocharger mods? Any thoughts?

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Sat Feb 1 15:56:02 EST 2003

IMO, an idea of questionable sucess possibilities.  From my turbo compressor
design courses many lifes ago, and assuming that the K24 is a well designed,
optimumized device, in all probability any change will reduce its
efficiency.  An increased inlet bore will reduce inlet velocities thus most
probaably increase turbulence at the inlet to the wheel interface, unless
the wheel design is changed to match.  Further it will effectively shorten
the blade length if this rebore goes to the wheel.  A good way to trash a
good turbo.


on 1/30/03 6:54 AM, Mihnea Cotet at c_mihnea at yahoo.com wrote:

> Hi all!
> I just wanted to ask on behalf of a friend of mine if
> any of you had experience with a turbo's cold side
> inducer reboring... He is convinced this will allow
> his turbo to flow more air (it's a K24 BTW) thus
> eliminating the need to go with a bigger, laggier RS2
> turbo, although these beasts are a lot better than
> K24's IMHO and IME. What results can be expected? I
> agree that by reboring the inducer, this will allow
> more air to enter the compressor but will it be able
> to compress more air and with significantly better
> results than a bone stock turbo? Any thoughts? Scott
> J? Javad?
> Thanks for your answers anyway,
> Mihnea

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