Fuel Pump Replacement-HELP PLEASE

Grant Dion G_Dion at adelphia.net
Sun Feb 2 20:16:18 EST 2003


I need some basic advise on the fuel pump replacement process. Ihave
replaced a few tank mounted units on a Ford and Chevy , but am wondering
about the process on this 200TQ. I recall something about an access panel in
the trunk. Is this easy to relpace, or do I really need to drop the tank. (I
have 102,000 on car, and the valve was worked on a few thousand miles ago,
but mechanic advised me NOT to replace the pump at that time. I AM NOT
HAPPY!) The pump periodocally makes a very loud buzzing sound, and other
times there is some seriuos gurgling noises coming out from the tank area. I
think the pump is just about ready to pack it in, am I wrong with my

Thanks for your help, I enjoy the TECH articles that I read here, now it's
time to get busy on my own.

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