Fuel Pump Replacement

Rakesh Brennig rakeshbrennig at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 3 16:14:35 EST 2003

Grant - I just replaced my fuel pump, following both Chris Miller's web site
and the great pictures at www.sjmautotechnik.com.  The Audi dealer here in
Boulder told me I really should get a Pierburg unit, since it would be more
quiet than the Bosch.  I don't know if this is true but after a little
trouble I did indeed get a Pierburg unit.  The + and - terminals are
different sizes so there should be no trouble with mixing up polarity -
except the Pierburg unit switches the polarity in comparison to the stock
Bosch.  Basicaly, look at the polarity on the pump and don't go by the idiot
proofing of different-sized terminal posts, otherwise you will get really
good at pulling your fuel pump.


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