5/6 Speed V8 Conversions

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at attbi.com
Mon Feb 3 19:04:10 EST 2003

Charlie and list members;

OK, I know this is heresay, particularly in light of the topic here, but what about the other direction.  I have a '91 200 20V and am interest in going the other direction -  5 Speed Manual to 4 Speed Auto -- don't ask, its a long story but is this possible?

Greg "knows nothing about trannys other than how to shift but is trying to learn more" Johnson

Charlie wrote:

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>Hello all -
>I'm trying to collect information about what really can be done
>as far as Audi V8 manual transmission conversions.  The better
>I can nail down and document what really fits what, it will help
>all of us.
>Let me start by telling you my suspicions.  I suspect that most
>Audi V8's can be converted to a manual transmission with the engine
>to transmission bell housings 'almost' bolting together.  I think
>the bell housings will fit the engine block, with maybe a bolt or
>dowel pin that doesn't line up; but with the majority of the bolts
>lining up and fitting.
>This leaves questions to be answered about pilot bearings, which
>flywheels and clutch pressure plates, and which clutch disks to use.
>As I collect information and pictures, I figure I'll try to put some
>web pages together for future reference.  I'd appreciate any pictures
>that people send me, either digital via email or I can scan and return
>any real film pictures that show up.  I'll take pictures and measurements
>of engines, bell housings, crankshaft ends, flywheels, clutch parts,
>input shafts, and whatever people send this way.
>As I've been collecting Audi transmission information the last couple
>of years, I've come across various info and stories that will contribute
>to this project.
>Almost all of the Audi V8's were available in Europe with 5 and 6 speed
>gearboxes.  The 5 speed versions, including the '91 we saw, all used the
>type 016 Quattro gearbox.  This is the same gearbox used with (at least)
>the '86 to '91 5 cylinder turbo cars.  (I don't know anything about
>the non turbo cars like the 4000s, so I won't comment on them.)
>All of the 6 speed cars, V8 and otherwise, use the type 01E gearbox.
>When I say "all", I'm skipping over the sideways engine cars like the
>Audi TT and all the VW stuff.  The 01E was produced in a 5 speed version,
>but that was only used in the North American UrS4/S6 cars.
>There are some other type Quattro transmissions, but I have not dug out
>usage and details on them.
>As far as I can figure, the bell housing in most 016 and 01E transmissions
>are pretty close to the same pattern.  The clutch splines on the input
>shafts are different, which means the a different clutch disk has to
>be used.  There are some different (and incompatible) clutch pressure
>plate combinations running around that I'll try to document.  I know
>the '92 -> '96 UrS4/S6 cars use what's called a dual mass flywheel, which
>is quite different from flywheels used on other 5 cylinder turbo cars.
>As I get some web page info put together, I'll post the URLs.
>    - Charlie

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