Need Wheels- final

Reid, Les C. Les.Reid at
Tue Feb 4 06:15:23 EST 2003

I want to thank everyone that offered there wheels.
Its great to know that this list is such a great resource.

To my surprise I was able to make a deal for some 2001 Pasat wheels.
They actually fit over my UFOs and they look really good.
They are the 9 spoke 15" Capezio wheel shown on:
Look at the 2nd photo.
The price was $300 balanced/mounted.  And they look new.
My old lug bolts were too long but fortunately he had the org lug bolts and
they worked fine.

Its amazing how much better the car rides with round wheels.
Thanks again

Les Reid
Tulsa OK
91 200q20vt 194K now with round wheels

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Does anyone have 4 wheels I could buy that would fit my 200q20v w/UFOs?
The wheels I have now are 15" OZ and two of the 4 are bent from center and
can't be repaired (at least that's what a local wheel repair shop said).

Please email me direct since I am on the digest?

Any advise would be appreciated.
Les Reid

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