Fuel Pump Replacement-HELP PLEASE

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Feb 4 10:33:57 EST 2003

At 8:04 PM -0800 2/3/03, Scalmanini Steve wrote:
>I have a few additions to that web page after
>replacing my fuel pump just a few days ago.
>One perfect tool not mentioned that was very handy for
>me is called a Socket Cap.  It's a square socket drive
>with a hex head.  This is perfect for inserting into
>the top of tool 3214 before you insert it into the
>tank onto the upper reservoir to remove and install
>it.  Sears sells a set of three (1/4, 3/8 & 1/2"
>drives) as P/N 9 43303.  The 1/2" size has an 11/16
>hex that sits up only ~7/16 above whatever you insert
>it into.  Slick!  (I bought the set > 10 years ago
>thinking I'd need it some day, and some day finally

Good tip. I assume that you then just apply an 11/16" wrench to that
hex? In my write-up I speculated that there might be enough headroom
for a 1/2"  sq-drive handle (not ratchet) to be inserted directly
into the 3214 tool. But I suspect that might work only if the handle
gets inserted _before_ the 3214 tool is put into the tank. That would
be an unwieldy combination (compared to using your socket cap) and
would allow only one or two possible orientations for the handle.

>If I had to do it over again I would use the old-style
>pump instead of the new style.  It's less work, less
>expensive (after you include the costs of the "Spring
>Pin" (the plastic bushing that adapts the new-style
>43mm OD pump to the 60mm ID of the upper reservoir),
>and, most importantly, less likely to move out of
>place inside the tank.

I tend to agree with you about staying with the old-style pump,
although I have no reservations about the new-style pump moving "out
of place" in the tank--considering  the relatively stiff plumbing
above it. I used the newer pump because I hoped it might turn out to
be an improvement--i.e., more reliable, however I have no basis for
that expectation. And yes, it certainly _is_  more work to install.


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