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  We Dred Tornado Red,
 @ 6 years ago we had a helper here at the shop, from Germany. We were
detailing a VW Jetta one day. The car came in looking almost pink, the paint
surface felt chalk like. I asked this kid "why do all these red cars from
your country end up looking shabby?" His ears perked up, and he went on to
tell me that his dad was a managing director at the plant where all the
paints were made for Audi, Porsche, VW and other marques. "I'll ask my dad
tonight, he's due to call in." The kid came back with a whole slew of info,
it all made perfect sense. So, can I tell you all why this nice red goes dull
so fast. Nope, forgot what the kid told me. I can tell you what products
we've used lately on two 200 Tornado Red Avants. A brother and sister have
matching cars that we look after, both cars came in looking like that Jetta,
pink and chalky. The panacea would be to wet sand and clear coat the car. Not
an option for most. For us, the 3M products have worked just great. Most good
auto parts stores carry the 3M "Professional Formula" line. Some of the
products are called, "Perfect-it II" If the paint's not too bad, you can get
by with 3M's one step cleaner wax. Part# 39006. It will lift light oxidation.
If the car's real beat, try their rubbing compound, fine cut, part# 39002.
We'll follow up with 3M's swirl mark remover, part #39009 and finish off with
a good wax. The Tornado Red will then look great, for a little while anyway.
 I'm sure others will tell us all about the products they use. These products
work for us, and I've been rubbing on paint as part of my living for 27
      Hope This Helps.
      Bill Ferdon
      EuroTech Services LLC

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