Subject: water marks removal

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Wed Feb 5 12:22:12 EST 2003

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From: RGuzz <rguzz at>
Toronado red , some oxidization...after leaving the brushless car wash,
which I never go to, I noticed water spots on the paint which don't
appear to come off easily. They might wax off. but he paint  looks
Any ideas?? Product recommendations? Do I have to buff the entire car?
Hi Rich,
Cleaning hard water spots ?  You might give these sites a visit:  http://ww=

You will probably notice that most car waxes will initially appear as if th=
ey have removed the spots,, until you get out in the sun and you'll definit=
ely see that the telltale water spot ring isn't gone, only camouflaged. Goo=
dLuck bud   :0]

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