Alternator removal hints?

dkpriebe at dkpriebe at
Thu Feb 6 17:26:24 EST 2003

I am trying to replace my alternator, and cannot remove it. The problem is the
rear bracket bolt. I haven't been able to loosen it. I was able to get the
front one after liberal use of liquid wrench, and with the front, I could apply
some decent torque to it. But with the rear, I am only able to access it from
above, after removal of the top intercooler hose. And there simply is not
enough space for me to really apply much force to loosen it. I've also tried
accessing it from the bottom, by removing the alternator cover, but can't
really get to it with a socket due to the turbo oil lines. Any one have any
tips on how to loosen this bolt?
Dave Priebe
Kenmore, WA

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