plastic rain diverter

C1J1Miller at C1J1Miller at
Thu Feb 6 12:33:01 EST 2003

As I recall, the plastic bit has some metal clips that retain it to the body sheet metal at the windshield and firewall.  See Bernie's pics here:
also visible here: blower

At the base of the windshield, I think there is a soft rubber portion of the windshield gasket that the plastic fits under (not a tight fit, it just pushes it aside and fits in).  If the windshield gasket is not factory/Audi, or if they let the windshield sag down due to weight as the glue cures, it might be in the way of properly fitting the plastic shield.

The rubber sealing strip goes over the plastic at the firewall.  Make sure the clips are not bent, and you should be set.

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