Waxing a Poetic Red

Thu Feb 6 09:52:45 EST 2003

I've only had one red car and only for about 8 mos. or so.
When I got the car it really needed a full detailing. Some
water spots and some faded red.  While the red did fade
again eventually I can't say enough good things about Zymol
except for the price.  HD cleanse did a fabulous job on the
fading and water spots and oddly enough didn't leave much
old red paint at all on the "rag."  The combination of Zymol
HD cleanse with the "Carbon" wax applied over it was dazzling
and lasted quite a long time.  The car will actually look even
better after 1 or two days (it's a Zymol thing).  A bottle of
HD cleanse and a container of Zymol Carbon may run you about
$50 or $60, but there's enough HD cleanse for 2-3 treatments
of your average car and the wax should last you a couple of
years if you apply it right and keep the container in the
fridge after you open it.  I know you can get it at Bavarian
Autosport (www.bavauto.com) where I used to work, or at other
"high line" car accessory places.  You'll want to use the creme
wax for light colored cars.  The liquid Zymol you can buy almost
anywhere is NOT in the same league.  Apart from that I will also
swear by Meguiers 1-2-3 system, but I would finish with the
Carnauba wax they sell (much lower content than Zymol) instead of
the regular Meguiers.  That having been said, either system is
a near FULL day project best handled with several of your favorite
ales nearby.  I'll also add that the only people who don't love
Zymol are most often people who can't follow directions.  Using
Zymol is very different in some important respects.  Here's a tip:
Don't let it fully dry unless you have arms like Popeye (and we all
know why he had overdeveloped forearms and no bi-ceps).

Royal aka 16RoT

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