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Thu Feb 6 15:52:42 EST 2003

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I've had red cars and one of them icluded a tornado red 200 20 valve. They all
have the same problem. They start fading and you get marks all over the paint
real easy. If you try to wash it, it becomes even worse. You have to get your car
buffed. I had my brother do it for me. He used 3M products. I believe it was
either fine cut or medium cut buffing compound and than swirl mark remover. I
think that was all he used. After that you have to wash your car real good to
get all the remaining compund off and wax it real good. Always wipe the water
off before it starts drying because it will leave those nasty spots on there.
To keep the car looking good you have to wash it and wax it on a regular
basis. Red is the biggest pain to keep looking nice but if you wax it, it will
stay that way.


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