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Thu Feb 6 23:36:09 EST 2003

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There should be a PayPal payment in your in box at this moment. It
represents the recent sales of q-list stickers/decals.  Being a part of the
audifans lists has, I'm certain, saved me many hundreds if not thousands of
dollars over the years I've been around.  I'll be happy to contribute some
personal funds toward list expenses.


Dan receives the proceeds of any sales of q-list stickers/decals, not me.
I'd like very much to sell the rest of the ones in stock and am offering
them at a bargain rate, US$5 per pair with bargain quantity pricing of 4
for $10 or 20 for $100.  :-) Let's see... 2 for $5 or 3 for $10, 4 for
$20... Does that sound about right? :-)

Seriously, folks this is a good way to help out a little and you end up
with at least something to show for it besides just a good feeling of
knowing you have helped a little. The decals are 3" wide by 2" high (~75mm
x ~50mm) white ovals printed with a stylized Q along with the audifans URL
and they provide a quick and easy way to recognize whether a car belongs to
a list member or not. They are made of self-stick vinyl material which can
be removed without trace should you desire to do so for some
reason.  I  can send you a gif of one if you'd like to see it.

Send a typical small letter sized SASE (self addressed stamped envelop)
along with a check for the amount of stickers you want to me at the address
in the sig file below. Non-US residents contact me. We can surely work
something out. If anyone would like to include a donation in addition to
payment for the stickers - go ahead. Dan will get it.  I can accept PayPal
payments (to <robert at>) but I still will need the SASE.  That
helps me avoid being the one to screw up your shipping address.  :-)  I'm
sure you all know that I niver meak misteaks but just in case...  :-)

At 12:44 PM 2/6/2003 -0500, Dan Simoes wrote:

>For a variety of reasons, the site's server is being relocated shortly.
>Expect some downtime today and possibly over the weekend.


>Anyone interested in donating hardware instead of cash can email me.
>Incoming mail is certified Virus Free.
>Checked by AVG anti-virus system (
>Version: 6.0.449 / Virus Database: 251 - Release Date: 1/27/2003


Can someone explain - just how did our oil get under Iraq's sand in the
first place? Note: this is not a question about geology.

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