list/site downtime status update

Dan Simoes dans at
Fri Feb 7 13:49:42 EST 2003


My employer has agreed to allow me to colocate the box here temporarily,
and I am working on a long term solution.  There will be a brief outage
later today as I move the box to another port in the data center, but
you will probably not notice that.

The marketplace is up and running, and I believe everything is normal.

Many of you have been contributing using paypal, and I thank you for
that.  Those that wish to send funds using traditional means can use
this address:

Dan Simoes
PO Box 1382
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

I've had a couple of offers for hosting space, spare parts, etc.
I will research and consider all these in the near future, so don't be
offended if I don't reply immediately, I'm swamped and more than a
little tired right now :)

| Dan |

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