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Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri Feb 7 14:21:39 EST 2003

I thought this might be useful for some owners out there who haven't signed
up for the urq list....

'84 urq
'98 A4

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I haven't posted any reports about color and location, etc. of all the urqs
in a while, and I might just use up some bandwidth to do that one of these
days, BUT I sure like to ask anybody who doesn't know if his/her car is
registered to drop me an email.  At present, there are 424 records in the
Registry, but of that some 43 are names of owners (or maybe just hints of
urq ownership) for which I do not have the VIN.  And some of the cars
identified with VINs probably are linked to owners who have long since sold
them.  I know that there are a few people who decline to share their VIN
info, and I respect that--in fact that is why I say I don't  AND I don't
share any info about you or your car with anybody else.  (However, once a
previously registered car has been sold to an new owner who contacts me, I
will share the modification info that is in the record).

I'd like to update the Registry and I have contacted as many folks as I can
identify with a request to supply the complete VIN.  [I would like the  9th
slot "check digit" as well as the 90XXXX number, the color, the city and
state/province and the owner's name and email address.]

So if you have recently bought a urq, or don't recall contacting me directly
to register your car, how about taking a few minutes and giving me an
update.  I know some folks have registered (for this Registry) on
Blaufergnugen's site, but they have been very slow of late to send me the
info, so a number of you who may have registered on Blaufergnugen's page are
not in the Registry that I have maintained since 1993.

A number of you have asked what the value of this unpublished registry is--a
very good point.  Well, a lot of folks don't want to share their detailed
car info, but I wanted to identify as many urqs out there as possible; hence
the "unpublished" nature.  The original goal would be to help with the
identity of recovered stolen urqs, but in the US that seems not to be a
problem.  The most use has been to provide new owners the info regarding the
upgrades by one or more prior owners, which at least gives you a clue if a
different cam or chip is in there.

Justin Riley's is developing a public Registry at his site at
www.ur-quattro.com, and with a little help from me developed that nifty map
showing the distribution of urqs around North America by model year.
However, once that Registry is up, I will not be sharing the current
unpublished info, but we will be chasing folks down to participate.

Anyway, to email me about the Registry, use the address
UrquattroRegistry at ur-quattro.com and that mail is automatically and
privately forwarded to me.

Thanks for everybody's support in the past.  I'd be grateful if anybody who
is willing to participate in the private Urquattro Registry but is unsure if
they have contacted me, drop me an email.
Bill Bremer


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