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Here are a couple. http://www.wheelcollision.com/  I had them refinish a
couple of my S4 rims. They are kind of expensive. They have some listed
exchange price for your wheels is $225 each. (note: retail price listed
$700!!!) Didn't know you had some very expensive 15" wheels! To refinish
mine was about $150 each. A nice job, but not perfect. A couple minor
blemishes in the clearcoat. I've heard others had good luck with
www.rimpro.com    HTH


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My BBS 15 X 7.5's need to be refinished, I think.  The outer edge has a lot
of little black oxidation/corrosion spots that don't seem to come out with
wheel cleaner.  The basket weave section appears to be fine.  Any
recommendations on a place to send them to get them redone?  Can just the
outer lip be redone--leaving the interior alone?  Also--where's the best
place to get center caps and anticipated price.

Thanks much-



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