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Fri Feb 7 18:59:21 EST 2003

For answers, you might contact Skip at Skip's Wheel Werks in Beaverton,
Oregon.  I had him m&b the current set of tires on my Avant, and re-balance
a friend's wheels.  However, his main area is high-end wheel repair &
re-finishing.  He doesn't have a site, but this one came up on a Google
http://members.supras.org/keithh/wheels.htm (has all contact info).

It's a small operation, but Skip seems to really know his stuff.  No
affiliations, etc., etc.

David Brill
Hillsboro, OR

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[Any recommendations on a place to send them to get them redone?  Can just
the outer lip be redone--leaving the interior alone?]

Thanks much-


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