Come on, let's do it! I DID!

Martin Pot paulnet at
Sat Feb 8 01:56:38 EST 2003

I did it!! and I feel great!
 The list has made it possible for me to own and maintain our Audi's in an
Audiless area, for many years now. I sure have appreciated all the help and
the high concentration of people with great integrity on this list. I can go
on and on about
the great benefit and intelligence of this list and sure would hate to ever
loose it.
I would gladly pay a membership fee, if that ever becomes necessary.
We just need to keep Dan going, by sharing his expenses regarding the list
and its improvements, amongst ourselves.
Make your pledge now to dans at  with PayPal.

Thanks, Martin Pot.
'86 5KCSTQ prl
'91 2CTQA prl
'91 2CTQ maroon
All chipped and going strong, and no intentions of bailing out.

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